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How can I keep my child safe around Christmas decorations?

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Holiday decorations are notorious for causing injuries to curious toddlers. Each year, there are many children injured from lights, candles, and even garland. Here are some tips to help you make your Christmas decorations safer for your toddler.
Think about the details. Every decoration is likely to have small pieces that a toddler will put in their mouth if they get the chance. Check all your ornaments and decorations for small pieces that can come off and either glue the pieces back on securely or dispose of the ornament.

Everyone loves candles during the holidays, but a lighted candle requires constant supervision. Even when you think your toddler cannot reach the candle, if it is sitting on a tablecloth, your toddler could pull the cloth down. Also, you never want to leave a burning candle unattended.
Strands of lights and garland are beautiful but can be dangerous to a toddler. Obviously, a toddler will be attracted to the brightly coloured lights or shiny garland, but they both present a danger in that they could strangle a child. Electric lights also present a shock or even electrocution hazard.
Tinsel, while sparkly and nice to look at, can present a choking hazard if swallowed. When you have a small child in the house it is vital that these types of decorations be put high up on the tree so the child cannot reach them.

Did you know that some holiday plants are poisonous? Many people have heard that the poinsettia is poisonous, but that is not the case. It’s the mistletoe that is dangerous. If ingested, mistletoe can cause severe symptoms and even death. If you hang mistletoe in your home, make sure that it cannot fall. Holly is also known to be poisonous and will make you extremely sick if ingested. 

A toddler will be so enamoured with the colours and the ornaments they won’t be able to stop themselves from pulling on the tree. And all it takes is one unattended minute for the tree to come crashing to the ground. If your toddler will have access to the Christmas tree, you should anchor it to the wall or ground. Once decorated, grab the tree and shake it to make sure that is secure.
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