Toddlers are not just amusing, cute and incredibly resourceful, they can also teach us a few life lessons as they grow.


Here are a number of things your toddler is teaching you that you probably never even realised:


To never give up

How many times did your little one fall down when they were trying to walk or how often did they miss their mouth when learning to feed themselves? Probably a lot! But their perseverance and determination paid off and they are now probably running around and feeding themselves with no problem.


That everything is fun

Jumping from couch to couch is just as fun as playing in the park and rolling down hills beats the TV any day. Every once in a while, why not take a leaf out of your child's book and do something that you think looks fun, regardless of how silly you'll look or how many odds stares you might get. 


To not be afraid

Everything is new to your little one and yet most have no fear of trying out new things. As we get older our inhibitions stop us from trying new things, even if we want to, and stop us doing things that we that we really, really want to do. Start looking at the world through the eyes of your youngster and you will see endless possibilities and opportunities to try something new.  


To be comfortable in your skin/ to not care what others think

Your little one most certainly has no problem getting naked and running around the house, even if you have guests. To them they feel freer than if they are bundled up in loads of clothes. And while we aren’t suggesting you start going around with less clothes on… you should start to feel more comfortable in your skin.


To express yourself

Your little one has no problem having a tantrum in the middle of the shopping centre or making it clear they don’t like a present that someone gave them. And while we certainly aren’t encouraging you to be rude or burst into tears whenever you don’t get your way, you could certainly learn a lesson or two about expressing your true feelings.


To not judge

Your little one will no doubt play with anyone in the park, regardless of social standing and judging others is not something your little one does. They will just see this other little person in the park as a playmate and will go up to them without making any judgements.