Often the problem with taking kids to the doctor has nothing to do with the actual examination, but rather keeping them amused in the waiting room.


To make the time go by a little more smoothly, here are seven activities you can do with your little one that aren’t too noisy and won’t annoy anyone else in the room.


Make up a story

Start a sentence and get your little one to finish it. Keep going until the doctor calls or the story comes to a close. This is a great game to stimulate your little one’s creative side.


Colouring books

Pop a new colouring book into your bag and some new pencils and let your little one enjoy looking through the book and colouring in the pictures. You can use one that they already have but sometimes a new one can really grab their attention and distract them for much longer.



Your little one’s favourite book in your bag is handy for when they aren’t feeling the best and are a little restless. A story can help them settle and keep them distracted until the doctor arrives.



Preschoolers who are being introduced to numbers will love counting games. They could be anything from guessing how many magazines are on the table to counting all the people in the room. This is a great way to keep them happy for 20 or 30 minutes.


Eye spy

You don’t need to be travelling in a car to play eye spy. There are sure to be loads of things in the room that both you and your little one can spy. This is an easy enough game that you can play with your little one if you’re the one who isn’t feeling too well. 


Simon Says

Simon Says is a fun game that your little one is sure to get a few giggles out of. For those who don’t know how to play: when you say Simon Says rub your head, your little one has to rub their head. If you only say rub your head without Simon Says then your little one is not to rub their head.


Let them ask you questions

Tell your little one they are allowed ask you ten questions and you have to answer them. Then you have to ask your youngster ten questions and they have to answer them. This is sure to occupy the time right up until you are called.