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What are the best websites to help my child with reading?

Learning to read is one of the most important educational milestones for your child. There are plenty of ways you can help your child with her reading and there are lots of resources online:
  • : This is a really terrific resource which can help children learn how to write, recognise words, numbers, shapes and letters.
  • This rather cute website features an interactive tree house with lots of educational games, puzzles and stories to be discovered.
  • This website allows children to make up their own stories by selecting nouns, adverbs and adjectives to input into the story. This is a helpful resource to aid your child in learning how to understand grammar.
  • This website features lots of helpful resources to give your child a helping hand when it comes to reading.
  • This website features lots of links to websites which can be of help to your child learning to read.
  • This colourful website will have your children enthralled and the good news is, it’s educational too. It features plenty of stories, games and puzzles to help your child with her reading.
  • This website features lots of advice on how to teach your child to read.

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