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How can I help my five to eight year old to learn?

As your child grows, she will become more and more independent. It might seem that she just wants you to have less input into her learning but she still needs your support and encouragement, just in different ways.
Your school age child will need you to:
  • Trust his judgement, for example if you think he’s ready to join a football team, let him try it
  • Consider his point of view, for instance if he really doesn’t want to stick at an activity, let him end it and look at other options
  • Sense when he is upset, if he is struggling with a task; ask him how it’s going
  • Accept your child for who he is, which means accepting that he may not be as strong in some areas as others
  • React to how he is feeling- for example share his excitement when he masters something new and be supportive when he doesn’t
  • Understand what he is going through, you could try thinking back to your own learning experiences, both the enjoyable ones and the challenging ones.
  • Have a good relationship with his teacher. It’s important that if you think your child is struggling or could use some help with a particular subject that you can speak to his teacher and see if there is anything that you can do to support and encourage him.

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