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What should my preschooler be able to do by this age?

At the age of three, he should be able to put on his own t-shirt, draw a vertical line, and be able to balance on each foot for a second or more. At this age, there is even a possibility that he can prepare a bowl of cereal for himself.

Many of his actions have become automatic by this age as well. He can, without thinking, walk, stand, run, and jump. However, he might still have to concentrate to stand on tiptoes or on one foot.

Your preschooler can now focus for longer on certain things, and this will allow him to play more structured games with other children, such as Go fish and tag. Those afternoon naps have become a thing of the past, but if he feels tired might only nap for a short period. If he is not sleeping during the day at all, then there is still a need for some quiet time during the day to help him to settle down. At this age he also has a need for privacy, and being able to relax alone during the day will have a calming effect on him and put him at ease.

This is also the time when your child will become aware that he is different to girls, and you could very well find him and his friends comparing what is inside their pants. React calmly in this situation and let your know that penises and vaginas should be kept private. Then distract him and his friends with another fun activity.

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