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What tips can you give me to improve my toddler's intake of vitamin D?

On sunny days allow your toddler to get out and about for some fun in the sun. Appropriate amounts of time in the sun are a great way for toddlers to get vitamin D.
It is important to remember that children burn easy, just fifteen minutes of sun on the hands, face and arms two to three times a week (without high factor sunscreen), from April through to September, is believed to be enough to keep vitamin D levels up while keeping the risk of sun damage low.
Try to get into the habit of a weekly serving of fish such as salmon, herring, mackerel or sardines. This can really help to boast your toddler’s intake of vitamin D.
Consider offering your toddler a breakfast cereal or milk with added vitamin D. Eggs are a very simple food to prepare and are generally a big hit with toddlers. Not only are they a good vitamin D source but they are rich in protein, iron and B vitamins.
For tasty and exciting ways to boost your toddler’s intake of vitamin D, refer to the recipe section for examples of nutritious vitamin D rich meals.
Try to encourage increased consumption of oily fish and eggs to boost vitamin D intake. Even with a varied diet, it can be difficult for toddlers to achieve the required amount of key nutrients necessary for healthy growth. As part of a balanced diet, Growing Up Milks have been shown to be a good source of this important nutrient in Irish studies.

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