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How do I ensure my child is safe when using the internet?

  • Always encourage your children to talk to you about what sites they visit and what they do on the internet
  • Encourage them to talk about anything they find uncomfortable
  • Discuss any concerns that you might have
  • Agree on what websites are suitable for your child and which they are allowed access, rather than allowing them free reign to simply browse the internet.
  • Help your kids to create a safe username that is vague and doesn’t give away any personal information like gender, age, what school they attend etc. 
  • Keep the computer where you can see it in a communal part of the home
  • Spend time on-line with your children.
  • Learn about parental control tools, protective software, and controlled access options and decide which suit your needs best.
  • Check search history for the suitability of sites and chat room
  • Check e-mails for younger children 
  • Have rules for how long the internet can be accessed and when, make sure they understand never to give out personal permission and never to meet an online-friend without permission.

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