Fish Finger Melt

Easy, quick and delicious: this sandwich ticks all the boxes.

3 Birds Eye Omega 3 Fish Fingers

2 slices of wholegrain bread

1 to 2 slices of cheddar cheese

1 to 2 streaky bacon rasher, cooked

30g lettuce

½ tomato, sliced

½ tbsp ketchup

½ tbsp mayo

Cook the Birds Eye Omega 3 Fish Fingers according to package directions.
Make the pink sauce: mix ketchup and mayonnaise and set aside.
Toast the bread. Top one slice of bread with cheddar and grill until melted.
Top the melted cheese with the crispy bacon, tomato slices, lettuce and fish fingers.
Generously smear the other slice of bread with pink sauce and close the sandwich, pushing down slightly. Enjoy!

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