Alcohol Recipes

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Bologna burger
Slow-cooker honey-garlic chicken and veggies
 Garlic pizza breads with tomatoes and mozzarella
White chocolate cheesecake
Chocolate and peanut butter cupcakes
Orange biscuits
Bread and peanut butter pudding
Quinoa pomegranate salad
Smoked mackerel pâté
Christmas Cake
Avocado and almond milk smoothie
Hazelnut and goji oat bars
Chocolate peanut butter fudge sundae
Creamy cod rarebits
Batten bites
Chocolate cookies
Vegetarian crumble
Dead easy macarons
Fishy spaghetti
Tuna and sweet corn spring rolls
Lemon cupcakes
Healthy breakfast muffins
Fruit trifles
Almond polenta cake with raspberries
Thai green chicken curry
Gluten-free crackers
Bread with pineapple and ham soufflé
Traditional Thai spicy prawn soup (Tom Yaam Goong)
Sweet potato and pea parcels