Party Food Recipes

Find party food recipes that are cheap, quick and easy. MummyPages has lots of great recipes for birthday cakes, fairy cakes, snacks and cupcakes. 

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Salsa nachos
Sweet Potato Samosas
Brie and fig pie bites
Puffed Rice Doughnut Cake
Southern Fried Chicken Pizza
Chocolate mint cookies
Sticky chicken drumsticks
Coconut and white chocolate with banana s’more bars
Giant Twix
Vampire bite cupcakes
Christmas Presents
Quick chocolate fudge cake
Denny deli style chicken tikka pizza
Middle Eastern chicken wings
Fishy Ice Cream Sandwich
Gold and silver coin pancakes
Piñata cake
Spaghetti pie
Mocha choca cupcakes
Chocolate cookies
Easy classic brownies
Mini mocha éclairs
Frozen chocolate & cinnamon sandwiches
Mini pizzas
Easter truffles
Spiced prawns with coriander and dill mayo
Fiona Cairns ice cream cone cakes
Butternut squash muffins
Cajun and coriander chicken skewers
Iced chocolate drink