Recipes for Halloween

Wow! Who would have thought the spooky season could bring such culinary delights? Enjoy, but watch your back!

Recipe spinner

Cantaloupe and prosciutto
Black forest tray bake
Pineapple and chicken skewers
Chicken tikka
Salmon soup
Succulent beer-brined chicken breasts
Gnocchi with a tomato sauce
Zebra cake
Garden bug cupcakes
Marinated beetroot with goats cheese
Big breakfast rostis
Asian chicken skewers
Cheese twists
Fish calzones
Classic sticky toffee pudding
Ale and mushroom pie
Lamb meatballs
Irish barmbrack
Watermelon fruit pizza
Chocolate soufflé
Easter egg biscuits
Dried mangoes
Spiced lamb burgers
Cheese pizza
Tuna and rice
Crisped rice yoghurt bites
Christmas turkey with stuffing and gravy
Butternut squash and red pepper soup
Italian meatball and vegetable soup
Strawberry and banana muffins