Recipes for Halloween

Wow! Who would have thought the spooky season could bring such culinary delights? Enjoy, but watch your back!

Recipe spinner

Chickpea chips
Prime steak with a creamy mushroom sauce
Mini Goats Cheese and Cranberry Tartlets
Creamy garlic prawns
Balsamic vinaigrette dressing
Pork burgers and herb flavoured chips
Spinach and cheese melt
Simnel cakes
Chicken roulade
Spring fish
Light wholewheat spaghetti carbonara recipe
Eggs mimosa
Sweet and spicy popcorn
Creamy cod rarebits
Chicken tikka masala
Lamb pilau
Simple mint sauce
Cucumber and fresh herb tea sandwiches
Grilled Cheese Roll Ups
One-pot Mexican beans and rice
Irish coffee meringue
Homemade cranberry sauce
Fish curry
Cinnamon porridge with banana
Half and half chocolate cookies
Lamb with warm couscous and mixed vegetables
White chocolate cake pops
Haddock with lentils
Chicken broccoli casserole
Ham, leek and potato pie