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Smoked salmon Dauphinoise
Griddled glazed vegetable kebabs
Lamb meatballs
Christmas Presents
Mini root vegetable pies
Mushroom and basil omelette, with Mediterranean grilled tomatoes
Cheese and onion seed bread
Chocolate peanut butter crisped rice balls
Chicken and bacon cacciatore
Battenberg cake
Hearty Vegetable Soup
Lemon cookies
Beef rendang
Ragu sauce
Lamb hotpot
Lamb chow mein
Caesar salad with chicken
Sweet potato mac & cheese cups
Stuffed aubergines
Guacamole eggs benedict
Savoury breakfast crêpes
Avocado and almond milk smoothie
Greek inspired filo pizza
Chocolate and berry mousse pots
Jumbo sausage and bean cassoulet
Harry Potter chocolate frogs
Apple Puffs
Goats cheese pesto and spinach frittata bake
Easter chocolate slab
Easy key lime and chocolate pie