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Slow cooker baked potatoes
Toasted Margherita Sandwiches
Aubergine and tomato sauce
Luxury bread and butter pudding
Blackberry and apple cobbler
Cauliflower Rice
Light wholewheat spaghetti carbonara recipe
Boozy cherry pancakes
Penne ‘ziti’ casserole
Chicken and vegetable puree
Sticky chocolate cakes
Mushroom omelette
Veal kidney and sweetbreads with black trumpets
Banana muffins
Beetroot energy balls by Annabel Karmel
Edamame with rice
Beef meatballs with wilted kale and vegetables
Chocolate brownie mug cake
Old fashioned apple pie
Simple fish tacos
Cheese and tomato melt
Easy chocolate cupcakes
Easter bunny cakes
Pork goulash
Chicken pilaf
Lamb rack with hazelnut Dijon crust
Carrot and corn fritters with chutney
Cordon bleu
 Garlic pizza breads with tomatoes and mozzarella
Spicy chilli jam