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Thai Laab
Italian-style braised chicken thighs with colcannon
Christmas trifle
Homemade Nutella
Green curry of prawns
Cod and cauliflower gratin
Chili cornbread
Classic lemon tart
Paprika baked fish with chorizo, lemon and thyme
Creamy cottage pie
Boozy cherry pancakes
Cheese straws
Jerk chicken burger
Neopolitan ice cream sundae
Bacon and cabbage
Cacao smoothie
Peach, prosciutto and blue cheese salad
Lemon coconut strawberry squares
Thai Red Curry Chicken
Rocky Road
Honey mustard chicken with herb salad
Rice Krispie Treats® on a Stick
French toast
Sausage and bean stew
Chocolate cola celebration cake
Sweet and savoury potato pie
Christmas cake
Chocolate bat biscuits
Sausage and bean hotpot