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Carrot and courgette muffin
Carrot, apple and pecan muffins
Pumpkin soup
Italian pot roast
Santa hat brownie bites
Artichokes and asparagus granada style
Pumpkin loaf cake
Cheese, leek & potato tortilla
Salmon and cucumber ‘sushi’ sandwiches
Roasted garlic and tomato sauce
VIP club sandwich
Almond and Apricot Oatmeal Breakfast Bars
Jerk pork loin sandwich
Moroccan orange cake
Chicken Meatballs with apple
Individual blueberry puddings
Mini butterfly chocolate layer cake
Raspberry shortbread
Chicken, butternut squash and feta lasagne
Tandoori chicken bites
Buttered popcorn cookies
Thai red curry
Light Lemon and Herb Stuffing
Honey popcorn
Pickled beetroot and stilton crostini
Traditional coddle
Prawn bisque with fennel
Lentil, apple and parsnip soup
Pork tenderloin in balsamic sauce
Upside Down Ice Cream Cupcakes