Babyfood Recipes

Looking for quick and easy, healthy baby food recipes? MummyPages has wholesome and tasty baby food recipes complete with ratings and tips.

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Cheesy chicken and broccoli bake
Chickpea and coriander stew
Beetroot & plum
Mediterranean Baked Cod
Asparagus and Apple Purée 
Beetroot and Plum Purée
Lamb and sweet potato puree
Butternut squash and lentil
Fish cakes
Tasty mince meat with swede and tomato puree
Seafood Paella
Vegetable soup with barley
Banana pancakes
Little ones lasagne
Prune cinnamon apple
Turkey and pasta carbonara
Easy peasy homemade hummus
Creamy cod and vegetables
Apple sauce
Quinoa with Mediterranean vegetables by Annabel Karmel
Baked Apple and Apricot Purée
Fish Curry
Homemade Oatcakes
Baby Quinoa Porridge
Mini Fish Pie
Salmon Pasta with Courgetti
Brussels sprout and pea purée
Avocado pasta
Cinnamon French Toast
Apple and cinnamon puree