Soups Recipes

MummyPages has delicious, warming, homemade soups which make a perfect family meal. From chicken noodle soup to roasted tomato and pepper soup, we have a soup to satisfy every craving!

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Mexican chicken soup
Wild Mushroom Soup
Mushroom and tofu soup
Potato and courgette soup
Prawn bisque with fennel
Beetroot and raspberry soup
Asparagus and spinach soup
Quick leek and potato soup
Chicken noodle soup
Vegetable soup with barley
Lentil soup, harissa croutons
Sausage and noodle soup
Vegetable and bean soup
Luxury crab soup
Lamb and vegetable soup
Big batch tomato soup
Easy, budget friendly batch chicken soup
Spicy tomato soup
Roasted pepper and tomato soup
Tomato soup
Batch carrot soup
Prawn noodle soup
Roasted garlic and potato soup
Easy chicken soup
Broccoli and kale soup
Roasted carrot soup
French onion soup
Malaysian spicy noodle soup
Pea soup infused with mint