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Shortcrust pastry
Ham with marmalade and ginger glaze
Fruit skewers with chocolate dipping sauce
Herby fruit salad
Sweet potato and pea parcels
Perfect roast chicken
Chili beef stuffed peppers with cheese
Breadcrumb fritters
Mushrooms on Waffle
Spiced prawns with coriander and dill mayo
Banana snack cake
Christmas fruitcake
Cheesy leek muffins
Easy chilli
Potato gratin dauphinoise
Italian style baked potato
Deep fried ice cream balls
Blackened Cajun chicken
Feta, spinach dip
Omelette with Mushrooms and Ham
Rosemary lamb patties
Smoked salmon and prawns, with a creamy vinaigrette
Garlic egg in a hole with bacon
Red-Nosed Reindeer
Brussels sprouts gratin
Lemon loaf with white chocolate icing
Chicken and mango stir-fry
Chocolate log
Piri chicken and roast sweet potatoes with thyme
Classic french onion soup