Pasta & Noodles Recipes

Looking for recipes for pasta and noodles? MummyPages has lots of great recipes that are healthy, delicious and easy to prepare. 

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Decadent chocolate and cherry tartlets
Turtleback terrine
Ham with chicken pie
Bacon and egg muffins
Apricot stilton pots
Chicken and pesto zoodles
Christmas tree cocktail
Herb chicken bake with tomatoes and pasta
Upside-down peach and raspberry cake
Quick chocolate fudge cake
Savoury mushroom omelette
Salmon with roasted cherry tomatoes
Orange and chocolate truffles
Chocolate mint cookies
Chicken enchiladas
Stuffed sweet potatoes
Potato salad
Crispy fish burger with lime mayo
Cheesy puffs 3 ways
Cheese stuffed mushrooms
Oven fried chicken with a honey mustard glaze
Cod cakes
Wholewheat pasta with tuna recipe
Irish stew
Deconstructed panna cotta with Carrs Table Water Crackers
Almond biscuits
Carrot and orange muffins
Fennel apple slaw
Pasta with a mushroom sauce
Cheesy potato and onion slice