Pasta/Noodles Recipes

Looking for pasta and noodle recipes. MummyPages has lots of delicious recipes for spaghetti, lasagne and stir fried noodles.

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Tagliatelle with vegetable ragu
Asian style fritters
Turkey pasta salad
Stir-fried pork with ginger and honey
Vegetarian meatballs
Spinach-mushroom mac’n’cheese
Fish balls with tomato sauce
Nevens Smoked Salmon & Prawn Linguini
Pork pasta bake
Stir-fried chilli beef
Tortellini with spring asparagus and earthy mushrooms
Italian meatball and vegetable soup
Fast chicken and broccoli pasta
Red pesto with spaghetti
Curried chicken coconut noodle soup
Chicken and noodles
Chicken carbonara
Turkey and pumpkin pasta bake
Gnocchi with lemon and chive pesto
Chicken fettucine
Prawns with garlic spaghetti
Chicken and noodles soup
Spicy Chicken And Mango Noodles
Walnut pesto
Healthy lasagne with spinach and mushrooms
Creamy penne with roasted pumpkin and black olives
Lamb and penne gratin with courgettes and two cheeses
Spinach and cream cheese lasagne
 Stroganoff, Italian style
Avocado pesto and spaghetti